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KUNKUN VR based in Indonesia and we are Working Globally

KUNKUN 3D based in Indonesia and we are Working Globally. We are a passionate people – who are consistant to produce the high end Arhitectural 3D rendering and grateful to work on awesome projects, with our amazing team and inspire others with our great work.

We have a passion to creating high quality stunning images from just architectural design concept to be captivating image, high value, and had uniqueness.

We are an International High-End Architectural Visualization Company for your Unbuild Architecture.

Until now, KUNKUN 3D Visualization has become one of the leading architectural visualization companies in Indonesia. We can do all visualization / rendering for Architecture, Interior, Landscape and Developer (Real Estate) around the world.

Meet the Team

Rheza Kun

Founder & Chief Executive Officer.

Silvia Wulandari

Chief Development Officer - Account Executive.

Uung Kurniawan

Studio Manager - Senior 3D Artist.

Vanellsa Oktaviani

Project Manager - Senior 3D Artist.

Remi Triadi

3D Animator Producer - Creative Director.

Willy Diven S

Postprocessing Specialist.

Jihad Maulana

3D Modeler and 3D Animator.

Arief Muhammad

3D Modeler & Base Processing.

Ninda Sopyana

3D artist - Interior Visualizer.

Stella Viona

3D Modeller & Base Processing.

Tia Maryam

3D Artist.

Yuda Hary S

Compositor & Movie Editor.

Adri Kusuma

Junior 3D Artist.

Eka Nurjannah

Project Accounting & Administrator.

Join the team

Join Us

We are always on the look out for talented artists to join our team so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

To send us your portfolio or enquire about job opportunities: [email protected]

Check out our current vacancies:
3D Artist - CGI
Location: Bandung
Full Time

Bring your design to the new experience.

3D visualization is process to make idea to be virtual reality. So you can see every detail of your unbuilt project by only see through image or video. 3D rendering now becoming one of the most effective ways to represent idea and design proposal in the simpliest way to your client. Easy to be keep, easy to be understand, and easy to be share.

Meets the Tecnology

Our skills and talented people are powered and enhanced by high-tech solutions.

Inspire Others

Our works is more than make a beautiful renders of your unbuild buildings We are give you the story and feelings that can inspire other.


We always give our best to our client. We always concern to every detail so that clients are satisfied.

Bring Your Design To The New Experience

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