Blender Cycles Skydrop + Camera Tracking : Architect Digivolution Trailer for Indobuildtech

By Admin, 12 March 2019

Our R&D team sucessed to make the amazing trailer for Architect Digivolution Trailer Here our Video Trailer, thank you for our talented creative director : Remi Rriadi 

About Architect Digivolution:

Changes that occur in the recent industrial revolution has impacted human life, especially in social, economic and cultural conditions. This phenomenon is irreversible so progression, improvement, and adaptation is a must.

How about architecture? What kind of revolution that's going to be happen where the industry has entered the 4th revolution and people will be living side by side with the vitual world? Is it enough to just follow the trend? Or become the new mainstream by evolving into the digital world. Is it possible for architects?


"Some People Stay, but not Us"

Sunday, March 24th 2019


Expo at Garuda 12 A, ICE BSD City,

Tangerang 09.00 - 13.00

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